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Carlos Falchi is a designer from Brazil. However, his career in the fashion industry started in Manhattan. He made his first buffalo bag in 1974. It is quite a success. In fact, it is one of the biggest influences in handbag making. 

About Falchi Designer Bags

Carlos Falchi is best known for his classic handbags and purses. In fact, his purses have gained even the attention of people who has the slightest interest in fashion. His handbags have exquisite quality. Carlos Falchi uses the most exotic leathers and different kinds of fur. His designs are also one of a kind. He uses innovative shapes. He is also one of the best designers when it comes to using bright colors. He is excellent in combining bright colors together yet still is able to come up with an elegant and fashionable look. As a matter of fact, the bold colors are somewhat a trademark of Carlos Falchi bags. He is definitely one of the designers who like to experiment. 

Today, the Falchi bags are some of the best accessories that you can have. They are also a good investment since they can be used yet stay in good condition for years. The Carlos Falchi bags are great if you want a sophisticated or elegant accessory. Look for a satchel or tote that will go well with your outfit. You can surely find several good bags in the Carlos Falchi line.

Best Carlos Falchi Handbags Best classic Carlos Falchi handbags

One cannot also deny that the iconic Carlos Falchi handbags have interesting details, which are handcrafted with care. The designs are also timeless so there is nothing to worry about going out of fashion. The Carlos Falchi bags usually don’t go out of style and trend. 

Falchi Bags 

The Doctor purse is highly recommended. You can find the authentic ones in many high end shops like Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue. You can also find them online. They can be very expensive but you can definitely rely on the quality. If you want to get some savings, it will be better if you will wait for the season ender sale. Most bags of the previous season will be offered for much lower prices. 

You can also take a look at the boat hobo. Each of them was made from crocodile leather. It is definitely a very luxurious accessory. Other hobos from Carlos Falchi were made from python and ostrich leathers. In fact, the ostrich tote in lime is a must have if you are the person who likes uncommon and eye-catching bags. The bright color and interesting shape are definitely worth its price.  

Carlos Falchi Bag Replicas 

On the other hand, not everyone is after the kind of leather that was used. Most women certainly want a beautiful handbag but not all of them like to spend a lot. This is one of the reasons why Carlos Falchi replica bags have been so popular. 

At present, there are many Carlos Falchi replica bags. Most of these Carlos Falchi replica bags come from various Asian countries. Some of them can be found locally. Others are sold in various websites. When buying online, it is highly recommended that you check for references. 

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