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Devi Kroell is a very talented and skilled designer. She is originally from Austria. She travels a lot for her parents are diplomats. At present, Devi Kroell is based in New York. Her first handbag collection was launched way back in the spring of 2004. After two years, she won the Perry Ellis for Accessory Design award for her handbag collection. She was then able to open a boutique store in Madison, New York in 2009. She also has a website where one can buy a clutch or handbag conveniently. With a lot of travel, Devi Kroell has seen a lot of countries that serve as her inspiration for her designs.

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Devi Kroell handbags are available from her New York boutique, online shop and other high end fashion stores in different places across the world including the Saks Fifth Avenue, Hong Kong, London, Nevada and UAE.

Devi Kroell handbags are luxurious and have the exotic look. Some of the must see Devi Kroell creations include the hobo body bag, accordion bag, and Tiffany bag. The hobo bag is simple yet superb. It is currently available in black and shades of gray. The accordion bag is complicated making it quite interesting. It can be used for any occasion but better for day use than evening use. You can find one in python and stingray leather. One should also check the moon bag if you are looking for a handbag with an unusual handle. The wooden clutch is also a popular one. It is made from satin and leather. It has crystal detailing and truly embodies novelty.

Devi Kroell is quite brave in using a variety of materials for her bag collection. Some types of leather she has already used include python, eel and stingray leathers. In 2006, Devi Kroell also started a shoe line. She then expanded further and created an apparel line in 2009.  When it comes to prices, it will not be fair for one to expect that the award winner and truly talented Devi Kroell will offer her bags cheaply.  They are exclusive and definitely luxurious replica bags.

The cost of designer bags including Devi Kroell handbags encouraged the demand for more and better replica bags. Today, one can easily find Devi Kroell replica bags locally and on the web. They are remarkably cheaper. The designs are almost the same but you cannot find them in the materials mentioned above. The manufacturers of Devi Kroell replica bags and other designer replica bags use inferior leather and hardware materials for the copies. This is one of the reasons why there is a big difference in the prices.
For people who do not want to spend thousands for a Devi Kroell but do not want the replicas, the sales offer big discounts. Sales are usually available at the end of the season where the items of the past season will be offered at extremely lower prices. Not all bags will be offered for lower prices but it is still worth checking the collection when Devi Kroell goes on sale.