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Unique Patterns and Designs Used in Making Louis Vuitton Bags

Louis Vuitton bags are known for having the LV initials printed as a pattern. This design is known as the LV monogram. It's considered the flagship design of the brand's bags. It's also the most copied style in making Louis Vuitton purses replica sold in the market. However, the brand also presented different types of patterns and colors aside from the classic ones. The following are the other designs and patterns available for this brand's bags: LV Replica Purses

LV replica Monogram Vernis Montana

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- LV replica Monogram Vernis Montana

Replica LV Multicolor Monogram

Multicolor Monogram is the pattern following the traditional monogram. The traditional monogram possesses dark honey color initials and icons laced over the brown background. But the brand took the design to a different route by releasing the Multicolor Monogram.

This bag utilizes multiple colors n printing the LV initials and typical monogram icons. The pattern is printed over pink or black background. This iconic style is a product of collaboration between Takashi Murakami, a popular Japanese designer.

Other iconic models produced by collaboration with Louis Vuitton were sold in the market for a long time. But among these projects, the Multicolor Monogram has been the longest running project to grace the market, leaving 12 years of sales for the company.

LV Vernis Leather Knockoff

This leather is a special type of leather with glossy surface. Many replicas possess the similar material, which make buyers question whether they are good replicas or low quality knockoffs. The truth is the brand utilizes this kind of material to breathe a different appeal to Louis Vuitton purses. It has a different sheen that lets it have glittery effect.

Vernis leather is waterproof and looks classy when used on these bags. However, many buyers are disappointed with this material because of its tendency to fade or change color after prolonged sun exposure. You need to take care of this product properly by following storage and protection guide to prevent discoloration.

If this product has stains, you should clean it right away to keep it from setting deeper into the material. Clean the stain using appropriate cleaning solution and method.

Cheap LV Damier Speedy Replica

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LV Damier Canvas Clone Copy

Damier canvas is the material used for Louis Vuittons with checker patterns. The brand uses two types of Damier canvas: the Ebene canvas and the Azur canvas. The Ebene canvas follows the same color theme as the traditional monogram.

LV Damier Graphite Michael Replica

Azur, on the other hand, has lighter color theme than Ebene. This color may leave an impression similar to another fashion brand, but LV made sure to apply the right branding element. Louis Vuitton Paris is printed on the canvas, highlighting that this model is made by the fashion house.
The advantage of Damier canvas is it's flexible, durable and waterproof. Caring for this model is similar to care and storage procedures required by traditional monogram. Once you own a bag with this material, keep it out of prolonged sun exposure to avoid discoloration and fading.
Damier Graphite Backpack

Fake LV Graffiti Bags

Graffiti bags are the cooler version of LV bags. The main background color for these models are either black or other dark colors. However, other colors used are vibrant colors that suit women who love colors. Common colors used are hot pink or neon green. Despite using vibrant color, the brand retains the class it's known for.

Just like other cooler Louis Vuitton bags, Graffiti bags use glossy material to protect the text and the main luggage. It's a great way of emphasizing this line's appeal that looks great for modern women.

Imitation of LV Infinity Dots

Replica LV Multicolor Monogram

Infinity Dots are the bags that have dots of different colors depending on the model. Usually, this luxury line has contrasting colors for the background color and the dots. The popular one is the model with black background color with the dots possessing white color. The main leather still has LV initials and icons embossed on it.

Infinity Dots bags are produced after Louis Vuitton collaborated with Yayoi Kusama, another popular Japanese designer. All bag models under this line are made from patented Vernis leather.

Faux LV Icon Cars

Icon Cars is one of the unique LV bags that graced the market. People don't usually attribute vehicles to women, but Louis Vuitton came up with a purse designed with vintage cars. This line used Vernis leather and designed with other icons to highlight the line's overall look.

* Shopping for discount Louis Vuitton replica purses requires the knowledge of the most notable bag models available. These are the other models that don't possess the traditional monogram design. You'll find these styles produced as replicas, allowing women to enjoy LVs unique bags without spending a fortune. Search properly for the best replica copies to get the ones that suit your personal style.