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When Yves Saint Laurent passed away this year, the fashion industry mourned and wept for the loss of legend in the world of haute couture and prêt a porter. Although this may be the case, the best away to remember the man is to talk about his bags rather than to weep buckets. The signature style for this fashion house purses is that they are very classic but at the same time, they are very "now" with their subtle details and chic finishing. Product Catalog

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YSL MuseThis bag's main and audience drawing feature is it has three fabrics that makes it both unique and edgy at the same time. If Chloe played with three colors in one bag, Muse Two played with three different types of fabrics. There is suede on the front part of the bag, canvas trims on the sides and leather flaps. If the real Muse bags' price is too steep for you, Muse replica bags are available online. Replica YSL bags may not be as chic as the real ones but they can pass off as real from afar. Crocodile Muse Two available in navy and purple is absolutely stunning. There is no way in denying the genius in this design. Timeless value, fabulous look. There is no way you can go wrong with the Ives Saint Laurent Muse anytime or anywhere. Internet is full of replica Muse purses, because everybody wants the look, but does not want to pay the price. The replica Muse is a fake knockoff version of Yves Saint Laurent Muse handbag. Many of the YSL replicas are much cheaper than authentic designer bags, however their quality is low and this is a bad style to wear even a good quality replica handbag with a stole design. Instead you can choose original purses on sale, as well as discounted YSL totes and purses offer genuine designer bag style and quality for smaller price.

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YSL Muse Bag

This bag was seen to be sported on celebrity Sienna Miller. This bag is available in two materials, ostrich and patent leather that is crocodile embossed. This bag is also available in two colors, black and white. A River Gauche bag comes with a hook-on shoulder strap that can be removed if you feel like it. Buy Yves Saint Laurent bag on sale and receive this splendid handbag with a lowest price possible. You will still enjoy the designer quality and style and still will have not spent all your money. The French brand offers also something more innovative, for example the Le 6 Bag made of rubber is an addition to their new handbag collection. This bag is a tribute to a 1967 YSL Couture Bag and this might be the next IT thing for handbag designers - making luxury purses of artificial materials.

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Aside from these two bag styles, the brand has totem bags and Downtown Python bags. The brand's signature bags are immediately recognizable even as Yves Saint Laurent replica bags. These bags are available on purse sale, where many fashion accessories from YSL are sold with discount prices. In some cases fashion purses are available on purse wholesale, where you can buy hobo handbags. These unique handbags, as well as other purses and handbags have discounts and it is possible to get an authentic cheap designer bags. Yves Saint Laurent Roady Hobo looks simply great with the metallic handles and comfortable inside pockets.