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Adriana Castro grew up in Colombia. She has a degree in economics (Purdue University). After graduating she was enrolled at the Miami International University, where studied accessory design. Having been inspired by her childhood in Colombia (she was often visiting her father's crocodile farm), Adriana has maintained the passion for rich and sensual colors, beautiful textures and natural beauty of nature that she has conveyed in the design of her versatile handbags. This young designer has also received awards for her work in fashion business, for example, Fresh faces in Fashion Awards for Accessory design and the Independent Handbag Designer Award as "Fan Favorite". Her handbags have been recognized also by celebrities, Heidi Klum, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and many more celebs have been spotted carrying Adriana Castro totes, hobos, satchels or clutches on the red carpet. Her purses are also part of program that is dedicated to repopulation of caimans. Adriana Castro Bag Catalog

Fake Adriana Castro Handbags and Clutches

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Fake Adriana Castro Handbags and Clutches

Adriana Castro totes and clutches are pure elegance and class made in the most expensive and top quality leathers, such as alligator skin, lizard leather and ostrich or python skin. Much of the attention is paid to the colors an textures of the women's handbags. Also shape of these leather purses is carefully designed - they all have perfect silhouettes. Whatever dress you decide to wear her designs will perfectly go together with your chosen style. Tote bags have magnetic closure and all of these hand bags have pocket for cell phone. Tote bags named Lola and Betty are very beautiful and practical to use. This is the best thing about her purses - the designs are combined with utilizable shape and interior and you will not be disappointed after paying the high price.
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Adriana Castro bag

Be careful when buying a designer bag, check out if this is the replica designer bag, such as replica or fake Adriana Castro hand bag that is imitation handbag. This could be Castro replica bag or some AAA star replica handbag. Some of the replica bags try to imitate the designer handbags, but the result is a fake designer purse. And although it is cheap, you should be aware that the quality will not correspond to the original designer bag. Buy cheap designer bags on designer bag sale.

Hobos from this brand are absolutely stunning, for example, python Loren hobo that is named after Loren Ridinger. This hobo is offered in variety of shades - beige, black, white, brown and blue. Meissa hobo is available in ostrich and python leather and the co lour range is bright - pink, purple, brown, blue and yellow purses.

Crocodile and python clutches are as gorgeous as the rest of the bag collection - plenty of shades and shapes to choose from. And Adriana Castro Private Sample Sale is a great opportunity to buy these stunningly beautiful handbags at low prices. Even if you are not in New York, you can order these purses via e-mail at cheap price and have them shipped wherever you are. These luxury handbags are very beautiful and elegant, however the price to pay for these branded bags is very high and this is a luxury product purchase.