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British fashion industry can be proud of many great handbag makers. Mulberry totes and messengers are for those who value classics and perfect quality. Stella McCartney is for eco-consicous folks and Alexander McQueen fashion house was and still is responsible for rebellious and eye catching purses. Now there is one more addition to this group that produces beautiful "arm candies" - Angel Jackson handbag brand.

angel jackson replica bags

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This fashion label is a creation of two sisters who decided to create a fashionable accessories company, built on principles of becoming a global company that not only produces gorgeous handbags and other leather items, but is also fair to its employees. They are paid market salaries and provided with comfortable working environment - a thing that some of the major fashion company's had sometimes conveniently forgotten. And here is this new promising label that was founded in 2005 that has become one of the leaders in British market and conquering the United States as well. Handbag Catalog

Angel Jackson satchels are the new celebrity fashion statement and these bohemian style purses, as well as other accessories, including Angel Jackson belt (with jaguar logo), Angel Jackson clutch and the famous Bum purse have attracted attention of major fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Elle and other.

Angel Jackson bag

This company's symbol is the jaguar and it is featured on most purses and totes and satchels, including the famous Angel Jackson Feather bag. Annual sale is coming and more of these stunning totes, satchels and messenger bags will be available at discounted prices so that you will have an opportunity to treat yourself with a quality gift.

Those women who choose these satchels want something more, something different. The women designer bag market is one of the most fulfilled and saturated, almost every self-respecting fashion houses offers also women handbags, but the paradox is that only few of the end-products are good quality and design purses. This company is one of those discount handbag manufacturer's that is definitely something refreshing both in design and concept.

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