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Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga opened his first shop in 1915 and his clients were wealthy people.  In 1937 he moved to Paris and presented his first collection.  Soon he became very popular and   Vogue said that this new designer in town had the "flame of prophecy".  His outfits were worn by celebrities and even royalties, such as the Duchess of Windsor, Princess Grace of Monaco, the Queen of Spain. Today the fashion company is led by Nicolas Ghesquiere and the company belongs to Gucci Group (PPR), which is known for the collection of gem fashion labels around Europe. Product Catalog

Balenciaga Replica Purses

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Balenciaga purses are very stylish and unique. Each purse is made of distressed leather that provides an appealing, shiny and comfortable feel. Balenciaga totes and evening purses are also known as celebrity bags. Their ultra chic design is valued by Olsen twins, Nicky Hilton, Madonna, Lindsay Lohan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller and other celebrities.  Absolute handbag success for the company has been the Motorcycle purse, particularly the "Lariat".

balenciaga motorcycle replica bag

This Balenciaga City Bag is large handbag, where you can carry everything you need with you. Very urban, comfy and you will be proud to have this bag for many years and many occasions. And the functionality of designer satchel is also essential, as we have seen many useless oversized or weird shaped handbags called designer hobos that have very limited use. See the brands that have proven record not only in design, but also in the quality of these luxury handbags.
Balenciaga purses come in different sizes and designs:

  • First (Small, Classique, Le Dix, Lariat). This is flat purse with rounded edges. Sized 13x2.5x7.5 with a 18 inch shoulder strap.
  • City (medium). This handbag is spacious and perfect for daily use. Sized 15x4x10 with a 24 inch shoulder strap.
  • Work (Office, Large). Sized 18x6x12 and very comfortable for carrying files.
  • Weekender (Voyage). Very big and plentiful of space to carry anything you require for weekend getaway.
  • Twiggy - Sized 14.5x6.5x9, with a 23 inch shoulder strap. Comfortable and useful in every day use.

This brand's purses are also known for their variety of colors - from green apple to deep red and chocolate. There is always large selection of tempting shades for ones that are very picky and particular about their purchase of accessories.

Internet offers a variety of replica Balenciaga bags. Fake Balenciaga bags are offered as genuine handbags in different colors and styles and designs, including famous replica motorcycle bag. But don't be fooled by the seductive prices, it is both illegal and bad style to consider these imitations. Sometimes the replica purse or clutch look the same, but these AAA knockoff purses are not real designer bags, so be careful when choosing. You should always think twice before buying such handbag, as there are more legal ways to obtain the coveted handbag at a lower price and the quality will be the authentic one.

You can buy also trendy Balenciaga crocodile work satchel. If looking for an edgy evening purse definitely pay attention to Balenciaga Arena Giant Envelope Clutch.

Arena Crocodile Weekender looks rather practical and the look is spiced up with different leather dyes. Balenciaga purse and handbag sale items cost less and you get authentic designer purse or clutch.

Seasonal Balenciaga sale will attract you with wonderful gift options of leather handbags and totes. Designer bags sale offer an opportunity to purchase designer purses with prices as low as 50 to 70% off the original price tag.

Designer handbags sale usually starts at the end of season and features many beautiful leather bags at sale prices. In this case it is possible to buy discounted shoulder bag at affordable price. It is a chance to purchase reduced price Balenciaga handbag and there are plenty of other discounted designer leather handbags around. Thus the designer sale is the chance to look for the real leather satchel or tote or a leather messenger. As for the color variety, there will be handbag for everyone - plenty of shades available for these leather purses.