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Monica Botkier bags are a relatively recent addition to the blooming handbag business - first line of Botkier bags was launched in 2003 and still she has found a niche in the saturated bag market with her beautifully designed and crafted bags, from tote bags to satchels and clutches for special occasions. Monica Botkier handbag replicaMonica herself is a professional photographer and her previous career was also impressive - she was shooting pictures for most glamorous magazines, such as Surface or the Mademoiselle. While working in the fashion industry she had acquired all the skills and contacts necessary and ventured to create her own bags. And Botkier purses were very successful and popular with celebrities as well. Product Catalog

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Later this designer started manufacturing also shoes to match the gorgeous handbags. As she had said herself in her fashion statement Botkier purses are "luxury with utility" and this is important since many of the designer hobos have lacked the functionality that had been sacrificed for the beauty.

This brand's handbags (also hobo, tote and satchel) models are wonderful and easy to combine with outfits for countless occasions. This designer is one of the brightest rising stars in the fashion bag industry. And the branded purses have already earned sort of luxury item status among other competitors on the market. Monica Botkier handbag sale therefore gets a lot of attention as all young and young in heart fashionistas gather to get discounted purses.

This company's handbag lines have experienced having replicas as well thus Monica Botkier replica, also known as fakes have been spotted. Some of the sites state that they sell AAA replica and fake handbags that have 7 star quality, but these are just replicas. These Botkier replicas are copy handbags from their famous original purses and in some cases they are advertised as discount designer handbags, so you have to check the site carefully before buying cheap designer purse. Many of them promise quality and same image, but you will get a disappointment only.

Better option is to choose from Botkier sale - wonderful genuine hand bags sold at crazy low prices and you can buy a real purse on sale paying much less that was its original price. Venice hobo and James satchels are offered with reasonable price and will make a beautiful accessory for work or a day out. James clutch and the famous Trigger purse also available online.

It is advisable to buy these satchels online and thus also save some money. The new purse collection has many ladies satchels in wonderful shades, the Bleeker satchel and Haven satchel might just be the next trend of the season. This designer also has many city totes to offer to women both for spring season and fall season.

Bianca Satchel by Monica Botkier, as well as some of the resort collection bags have many shades, sizes and styles to select from. Addison Tote and Aiden messenger bag are larger purses to carry everything you need with you on the way.