How to Care for Fake Designer Bags

Fake Louis Vuitton designer bags in themselves are an investment despite their significantly affordable costs in comparison with their genuine designer counterparts. Keep in mind that the purchase of high-quality genuine leather replicas requires investments in time, energy and money and, thus, you have to take care of them well. You will be able to use them for years to come and, in the process, get the most value from your money. 

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Louis Vuitton Chevy Chase Replica Here are a few tips in taking better care of your discount Louis Vuitton handbag. Let's assume that it is a good quality clone copy made of genuine leather, which has an identical appearance and feel as real LV leather bag. But always remember that replica handbags leather could be less durable than the Vuitton produced leather so proper care is a must to prolong its lifetime. Genuine LV purses

Follow the Genuine Leather Care Instructions 

When buying a knockoff designer bag, you should look at the care label, if any, since each type of synthetic leather has its own specific care instructions. The types of synthetic leather include pleather, vinyl, and micro-suede, even vegan leather, all of which will require proper care to maintain their similar appearance to real leather especially in terms of more shine and less cracks.  

Wipe with Clean Cloth 

The first rule of maintaining the beautiful appearance and durable quality of faux LV handbag is to ensure that dirt, dust and stains aren't allowed to stay on its surface for prolonged periods. Otherwise, these will become stubborn stains that no amount of cleaning with a mild soap and water mixture can remove, not to mention that the quality of the leather itself will be significantly compromised. 

As soon as you see dirt, dust and stains on the surface, you should wipe them off. Your best bets are spraying the surface with a mild soap and water mixture, wiping it with a clean and dry cloth, and letting it dry for several minutes. You can repeat the process for stubborn stains and, if the care instructions recommend it, you may even wash your clone bags in a mild soap and water mixture before air drying. 

A few more tips for proper cleaning of replica bag leather: 

• Never expose your lookalike bags in the sun for prolonged periods, such as in drying them after washing Otherwise, you will have cracked leather in your hands. 

• Use a microfiber cloth since it's more effective in attracting small dust particles than a cotton cloth. 

• Remove stains like pencil, crayon, and ink with isopropyl alcohol but be sure to check the care label, if any. Dampen a clean cotton cloth with the alcohol, gently rub it on the stain using a small circular motions, and finish by wiping the surface with a clean cloth when the stain has been removed. Just be sure to use isopropyl alcohol as frequent use can cause permanent lightening of the leather's surface.  

After cleaning and during use, you shouldn't expose leather to the sun for prolonged periods. This is because the sun's ultraviolet rays can break down the synthetic material's molecules, thus, resulting in the material's faster breakdown. The result: Cracks can be seen faster than you can say, "Oh my, I loved that bag!" 

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Apply Leather Conditioner 

Just as with real LV handbags the leather of the replicas requires the application of a good leather conditioner. It is a must since it will prevent it from cracking – and you don't want cracks in your faux designer bags either. The regular application of a leather conditioner will soften the leather, which will make it feel softer to the touch like real leather, as well as prevent moisture from reaching its surface so that cracks can be prevented. You will also be delighted to discover that your faux designer bags also have an attractive shine rivalling the beauty of their original counterparts.  

You may be unable to purchase leather conditioners for any reason. But don't despair as you can also use baby oil since it adds a protective layer on the leather's surface that, in turn, prevents the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays from penetrating the lower layers.

When storing your knockoff Louis Vuitton bags, you have to be careful where you store them, too. Your best bet is a plastic bag for each handbag, which can then be stored in a cool and dark area, such as your bag closet. You shouldn't just throw your bags any which way into a shelf, cabinet or drawer since molds can quickly accumulate, as well as avoid storing your vinyl leather items with your cotton clothes.  

Indeed, your fake designer bags require as much care as your genuine used designer bags since both are investments in your personal style! You will find that it's not the price tag that matters in fashion, it's the way you mix and match items as well as the way you carry yourself while wearing them. 

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