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Carlos Falchi is originally from Brasil and he later moved to the United States of America, where initially he worked in a bar in Manhattan and designed outfits.

In 1974 he made his first Buffalo bag that was quite a success and so the idea of making handbags was born. His classic bags, especially purse bag have conquered hearts of fashion snobs around the globe due to ultimate exquisite quality of the materials used (mostly exotic leathers) and interesting designs. His designed handbags have innovative shapes and this designer is not afraid of bright colors or color combinations. Carlos Falchi Bags' Catalog

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This designer has always been experimenting with the materials and shapes throughout these years and has used fur, leathers, tried many shapes and used bright non-traditional dyes for his handbags. Falchi bag is an interesting accessory to own - its quality will make the bag almost impossible to wear down so it will serve you many years. After some of the purses made by him received a Coty award, these beautiful purses were copied creating copy handbags or so called Carlos Falchi replica bags or fake Falchi bags. These replica bags or bag replica as sometimes it is referred to as a copy handbag of the famous original. Large part of these fake purses come from Asian markets and in many cases are offered on replica hand bag websites. Therefore it is advisable to check the websites for references before buying a handbag from there.

Purses by this designer are for the trendy fashionistas - these are more sophisticated and elegant satchels and totes to consider if you need a purse that will have interesting lines. The famous model of Doctor purse, as well as other hobos and messengers and totes are sold in the high-end shops, such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue or Bloomingdale's. These handbags are also sold online and in most case these sites sell authentic Falchi bags at reasonable prices. Falchi bags sale is another option to buy gorgeous purses from this designer at cheaper prices.

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You can buy shopping totes in the color you love and use it for many seasons - these totes are made in perfect materials, every detail is carefully handcrafted and this classic design seems timeless and beautiful as well. Bold colors are the trademarks of purses made by this designer. Totes and hobos, also some messengers and satchels from new collection are also in stores online, which makes shopping so much easier. Some of previous collection handbags have discounts on branded purses.

The boat hobo is a luxury accessory in crocodile leather. Many of these purses and, especially hobos, are made of python, crocodile and ostrich leathers. Buying purse on sale you can obtain a genuine designer bag with beautiful design and made in perfect leathers with slouchy shape. Discounted Falchi purses sold online, check out latest information on leather bag sale.

If you want something bright, unusual and eye catching then the new ostrich tote in lime color is the purse you are looking for. This handbag looks joyful and youthful, it's spacious to give the maximum comfort and executed in accordance with highest manufacturing standards. There are also more conventional handbags, such as Anna tote or the Serena satchel, however this season's treat is the brightness in several purses. Get one for yourself for the holiday season.