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Chanel stands for luxury, perfection and elegance.

Gabrielle (Coco) Bonheur Chanel started her business by opening a hat shop in 1910. Today this brand is one of the world's leading fashion houses for almost one hundred years and is known for "the little black dress" and famous perfume Chanel No. 5. This fashion house offers haute couture, pret-a-porter fashion, eyewear, perfumes, cosmetic products, accessories, jewellery and watches. The fashion company right now is led by German designer Karl Lagerfeld who has revived this fashion house to its today's status and made it more appealing to younger fashionistas. This brand is all about traditions, however it has maintained its place among fashion elite labels and is still the symbol of elegance and chic. This also applies to legendary handbags, such as 2.55 bag or traditional quilted bag. The brand continues its reign in the luxury handbags market, because these hand and shoulder purses have retained their classy and classic designs, impeccable quality and multifunctionality. These handbags are as popular as any other of the IT bags. Chanel Bag

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2.55 bag replica

In February 1955 Coco introduced the 2.55 bag named after the launch date. 2.55. bag has become an icon bag the same as Hermes Birkin. She revolutionized the small handbag by adding long shoulder straps to quilted handbag. Coco wanted a purse to free up her hands. She provided bags in her brand color palette: brown, beige, black and blue. Also Karl Lagerfeld has experimented with the 2.55 - providing it in terry cloth, tweed, however he has always kept the main elements unchanged, such as quilting, chain and lock. 2.55 bag is a must have for all collectors. Also today you can buy various Chanel 2.55 versions. There are traditional luxury standard quilted bags and other versions too.


Typical characteristics of Chanel bag are: quilted leather, chain, textured fabric and legendary CC symbol. The quilted design handbag has proven to stand the test of time as one of the most versatile accessories that looks great in almost every occasion. In 2005 Vanessa Paradis designed the New Madmoiselle handbags. She also featured in the advertising campaign. You can also buy these famous purses on sale, as there are genuine branded luxury bags that have some discounts. Celebrities who wear this brand's products are: Nicole Kidman, Paris Hilton, Christina Ricci, Madonna Uma Thurman, Sarah Jessica Parker and other.

Today there are also many fake Chanel bags aka Chanel designer replica bags on the market. These replica Chanel bags are of unacceptable quality, though affordable. First copy replica AAA mirror image famous purses are the knockoff bags. Designer inspired bag is not authentic, not even close, and some sellers have even invented their own design under the branded name.

You can buy the purse from this fashion house online or at the boutique. The cruise collection is quite glamorous. But if you are in need of a perfect evening bag is the black lambskin jumbo CC tote bag. Or you can choose any other original purse or any other accessory you like from the vast purses collection. Also you can use the option to buy totes and clutches with bill me later option.

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Numerous manufacturers and distributors offer replica designer bags. However, only a few of them actually offer good replicas. Avoid sellers that are not offering quality bags because they will waste your money by buying multiple bags.

Search online for trusted dealers. You'll find reviews of dealers then gauge whether they are the best places to buy your dream bags. Their reviews came from past and current clients who have done deals with the sellers.
Read all the details that come with the reviews. Some buyers provide detailed reviews indicating the product's quality, customer experience, and shipping procedures. Consider all details and you're guaranteed to buy your item from a trusted dealer.