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Christian Dior bags are classic chic. He is probably one of the most interesting figures in the fashion history. Born in France in 1905, being a heir of a fertilizer business, educated in Ecole des Sciences Politiques he became one of the most influential designers of 1950's. His influence in the fashion world was huge and this fashion brand has still retained its place due to absolute elegance and class.

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His fashion career begins in 1938 when he started working for Robert Piquet in Paris. During the war time Dior served in army and after World War II he returned and opened his own fashion house and established Christian Dior New York, Inc. His first collections with the "New Look" style was exactly what people in post war period were looking for. Feminine silhouettes, round shoulders, loose skirt, beautiful fabrics and luxury over comfort and modesty. The young designer suddenly was very popular and among his clients were Rita Hayworth and other Hollywood stars. He also opened a perfume and accessories lines, including bags. He also had a sharp sense of business as well - he introduced royalty payments for manufacturing his brand's products. Christian Dior handbag collection ...

He also discovered several talented designers - among them Italian designer Pierre Cardin who later started his own business and Yves Saint Laurent who became the head designer after sudden death of Dior in 1957. Since then this fashion house has employed such designers as Marc Bohan and Gianfranco Ferre. Today this fashion house is owned by LVMH luxury goods group. Since 1996 John Galliano is the chief designer. This fashion house has had its ups and downs however it has always preserved the feminity. Today this designer house is doing rather well and has produced many lovely handbags and purses in recent years. Hopefully they will reclaim the throne back again in the fashion industry. Dior Bags

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You can buy replica Dior bag at a lower cost - many websites offer replica Dior handbags. These replica bags are of affordable price, however the quality is lacking, not to mention the legal issues of buying a copy image bag. Dior replica handbag in most cases is very similar to the original bag. Fake r bags cannot be the same high quality. These are also replica purses and wallets. Read more about Dior sale and the way to get original purses at cheaper price.

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One of their recent bags - the Babe bag is a rather contemporary purse with silver handles. It can be found in black and purple colour. Also the Dior Medium 61 Tote is playful, feminine and colorful handbag. It will look great during daytime and be a hit at night. Spoil yourself with Dior bag, for example, Diorissmo large pockets handbag or get a Dior replica, such as Trotter Romantique Large Bag. Some of the new items in Dior collection are Shrunken Cannage Hobo, Detective Medium Handbag, as well as the Flowers Large East/West Bag. These are romantic handbags and elegant ones too. Among the branded bags around this French fashion house has still maintained its romantic appeal and hopefully the brand will regain the previous place in fashion world, if it comes up with more contemporary designs.

The Monogram Boston bag is perfect, as well as any other designer black leather handbag. These French luxury purses and handbags are great supplement to you style. Check Bergdorf Goodman section on the French design houses and see if there are discounted purses.