Corto Moltedo Replica Handbags

Corto Moltedo is a new edgy fashion handbag brand established by Corto Moltedo in 2004. This is a new type of luxury bags in the market. The reviews have been mixed, however these purses definitely draw attention to them, firstly because of the brave forms of these handbags and secondly because of the absolutely gorgeous and lush colors of the clutches from this brand. Clutches from this label are vibrant and chic, these clutch bags are sold in many bright and beautiful colors that it is difficult to choose one particular favorite. Corto Moltedo bag

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Corto Moltedo has been accused of using his parents fame to start his own handbag business (his mother and father were managing Bottega Veneta brand before it was taken over by Gucci group), but there so is much more into this brand's bag line than the previous fame of wealthy and well known parents. This designer simply makes different kind of handbags. Some of the designs are disputable, such as the Priscilla bag, however the gorgeous cassette clutch is an amazing accessory. And the same goes for all Corto Moltedo clutch bags, they are amazing, stand outs in the crowd of boring overpriced exotic skin clutch bags. The Cassette clutch is offered in several shades, including red and silver.

Corto Moltedo bag

You can buy these purses online and in respective boutique stores. The main store is opened in Paris (its opening year was 2009). The brand continues to deliver the cultural and artistic influence of the countries where he has lived (in his early youth he was mostly in New York and Venice - Italy), and his brings this urban chic and creates his own unique handbags, clutches and hobos. Read more on how to buy Corto Moltedo bag, for example the Susan clutch. Of course, there always in a option to wait until sale and get some bargains. 

Corto Moltedo Replica Handbags

He is an extravagant designer and not the one for everyone's liking. If you are into brave designs and patterns, then this is a brand to consider. If you like conservative leather bags - most likely you need another fashion bag brand to suit your needs.