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Givenchy NightingaleGivenchy was the ultimate celebrity fashion house. Among Givenchy clients were Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis and Duchess of Windsor.

Givenchy history is simple. This designer was born in France in an Italian descent family who was later ennobled. He studied in Ecole des Beaux Arts and in 1952 opened his own fashion house. He was a very progressive designer for his time, compared to Christian Dior. The muse of this designer was Audrey Hepburn for whom he designed whole wardrobe worn in movies, as well as a perfume. Audrey Hepburn became a symbol of the brand. Right now the famous fashion house is owned by Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy. This brand has maintained its luxury status since the beginning and the luxus and chic accessories from this label are no exception. All of the handbags totes under the brand's name are perfect in their shapes, have been made of best materials and using best quality hardware, they are very comfortable in their design and all of them could be called fashion handbags. Givenchy totes

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Givency IT bag is the Nightingale bag. This stunning bag is offered in various colors from black to gold and green. Ashley Olsen and Heidi Klum own Nightingale handbag. You can buy the original Nightingale at Nieman Marcus or get a cheaper Givenchy Nightingale replica bag on internet. There are also other beautiful Gyvenchy bags available, including Givenchy replica handbags, which are fake purses and handbags.

The original Sacca Chain Handle Bag has clean lines, highest quality leather, golden chain handle. Aboslutely elegant bag, one of the most beautiful spotted.

Many of the sites, including the brand's own web site offer discounted Givenchy handbags from previous seasons. Some of them are on handbag sale and this presents a wonderful opportunity o buy discount designer bag online. Read more about luxury handbags sale and the opportunities to buy iconic handbags at a reduced price.

From recent collections the Antigona bag is offered in really captivating shades - deep burgundy and orange - the Antigona bag could become the next big thing. Also the Eden shoulder bag in attractive color palette looks very promising.

Key Tips in Choosing and Purchasing Designer Replica Handbags

Shopping for designer replica handbags is an acceptable practice due to the number of women who prefer being fashionable for less. Luckily, many stores offer quality replica bags. The question is, how to find quality replicas? The following tips are helpful in finding quality bags:

Look for First-Class Louis Vuitton Replicas

There are many replicas in the market, but only a handful are considered quality products. Quality replicas not only look identical to authentic bags. However, some don't have the quality that they have. This highlights the importance of looking for first-class replicas.

First class replicas look identical to authentic ones despite the use of different materials. Bags utilize top caliber cowhide leathers or other leather types. Replicas are constructed from regular bag materials, but they are treated to have the same look as authentic designer bags. Due to treatment quality, replicas look great and enough to fool regular consumers who are not aware of authentic bags' designs.

First-class LV purse replicas are more durable than regular replicas. They may not made from authentic leather, but the materials won't tear after several days of use.