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Helene Nepomiatzi is a designer that is creating her own unique handbags. Although this could be said about any of the luxury bag makers, there truly is something different about Helene Nepomiatzi purses, whether this is hobo purse or clutch for evening wear we are talking about. Her handbag designs are timeless and elegant. Helene herself is no stranger to fashion industry as she was a co-founder of 31 Fevrier fashion brand.

Helene Nepomiatzi handbags

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Grandfather of this designer was a silver jewelry craftsman and he made many of the silver hardware details and locks for handbags too, This is where she learned all about the quality of the purse details. HandBag Catalog

Helene Nepomiatzi bags are made in France and this designer values handmade bags. Her sort of 50-ties inspired classic glam has charmed almost everyone who is into quality handbags. The Pursy handbag can be folded and this purse is like a piece of art. It is sold in black and red color.The Grisby purse is a beautiful purse with gorgeous silver shoulder chain and this purse will go well with any outfit from jeans to black dress. The bank purse is a small coin purse with two inside pockets and leather strap. Clutches can also be bought online.

Helene Nepomiatzi Pursy bag

This brand brings some new trends in handbag fashion. The simple and elegant forgotten times of subtle glamour and luxury. The small coin purses may not be as luxurious as the larger handbags, but quite handy indeed.

Read more on Helene Nepomiatzi sale and opportunities to buy discounted purses online. You have to be careful, as there are Helene Nepomiatzi replica bags or simply put fakehand bags that are sold under pretense of genuine bags.