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Jean Paul Gaultier is an extravagant French fashion designer. He has not attended any formal school for design and started his career by sending designs to famous designers. This approach was successful he got a job with Pierre Cardin who was impressed by his designs and worked for him for a few years.

He launched his own collection in 1976 and his unusual and brave designs attracted attention of such celebrities as Madonna (he designed costumes for several tours of Madonna) and also Marylin Manson and Kylie Minogue. His cooperation with the entertainment industry was not limited to that and Gaultier designed costumes for many movies, such as The Fifth Element, The City of Lost Children.

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Right now this brand is busy designing for several collections, he has his ready-to-wear collection, his own haute couture and also has a line for famous French luxury company Hermes. In 1994 he launched more affordable collection names JPG by the brand which had the unisex garments. He also has very popular jeans collection and he has also a very successful perfume line. The brand is doing well and it has a loyal customer's that appreciate the quality and uniqueness of this label. The perfume lines are particularly successful.

Jean Paul Gaultier handbags have the same "attitude" as the clothing made by this designer. Although extravagance is one of the main characteristics of these handbag designs, there are some of very elegant and classy models of JPG handbags as well. As most of couture bags, these bags are not cheap to say the least. These Jean Paul Gaultier bags (Overnight bag) are sold online and some have been spotted on the brand's annual sale.

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Also this brand has its replicas made, so be ware of replica purses or simply put fake Jean Paul Gaultier handbags online. And these replica designer bags (replica hand bags) are made as copy handbags from the original designer bag.

Also in case of handbag sale everyone gets a chance to buy original and authentic designer bag online. Better check out the authentic and extravagant handbags from this label. For example, Cage hobo bag is very trendy and has slouchy shape, Valises bag is available in brown leather. The trench bag has the signature style of this designer and beautiful silk interior with pockets for cell phone and other small things to carry with you.

Purses from this French fashion company have this gothic and decadence inspired looks, the glamour and the vintage like shapes are amazing. You can also purchase these purses online.

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