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Lambertson Truex was established in 1998 and it founders were Richard Lambertson together with John Truex. This was a high-end luxury leather articles brand and their trademark is the exotic skins, superb expert craftsmanship and elegant designs in their purses' and shoe collections. Tiffany Bags

This brand had also leather goods, such as gloves and belts and wallets. The company was faced with the bankruptcy in 2009 and Tiffany & Co bought the label and hired both - John Truex and Richard Lambertson to design handbags for men and women at Tiffany's. Despite the hard times, this luxury fashion and jewelry retailer ventured in the fashion purses industry and the famous duo of Lambertson Truex continued to design more and more of the superb hand bags and shoulder purses in new handbag collections. More on Lambertson and Tiffany & Co cooperation.

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Replica Tiffany handbags store have several great purses, first of all the amazing clutches for evening wear. They are all the designer of previous brand were known for - exotic leathers, perfect manufacturing and absolutely stunning colors. These are true luxury handbags to own. The Tiffany's reversible tote will be one of the most versatile purses from the brand, where the black, golden - brown and silver - Tiffany blue color contrasts are used in these Tiffany's satchels and clutches.

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Though the financial situation led the Lambertson Truex to the bankruptcy there is a silver lining to every cloud and the beautiful handbags by these designers are incredible - see the Manhattan satchel or the Lambertson Truex Tiffany's clutch bags in leather and satin. Each of them in some way features the signature blue color of the Tiffany's brand - some on locks, some on hardware or lining and some clutches are available in Tiffany's blue, for example Lyn clutch. Read more on Tiffany purses.

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