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Loewe purses are Spanish designers' answer to the ever elegant Chanel handbags. These fabulous totes and satchels in trendy shapes, beautiful color palette have the same grace and chic as the French fashion brand purses. This brand is not only known for the fantastic hand bags, but this fashion brand is successful with the women clothing lines and perfumes as well. The story of this Spanish brand is such. Loewe handbags online

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In 1846 German Enrique Roessberg Loewe opened a leather articles shop in Madrid and after few decades had earned a reputation of beautiful leather accessories and articles' manufacturer. The royal family of Spain had noticed quality and design provided by Loewe shop and started ordering from it. In the beginning of 1900-ties the brand opened another shop in Barcelona and many other store openings in Spain continued together with the growth and success of the handbag business. The brand is now regaining its popularity and has become one of the celebrity handbags designer.

The first Loewe bag was created by designer of this fashion house - Perez de Rozas and in 1960-ties the company began its international expansion first in Europe, opening a store in London and later in Asia, starting with Japan. The brand's success is also marked by launching the legendary perfume Aire Loewe which is still popular in Spain. The fantastic shapes of these designer purses are the main reason for the breathtaking success of this brand, but not the only one. Also the choice of materials as well as the details to every hobo or satchel, or messenger they make are of an outmost importance. Women's handbags are treated with the stunning colors in many of the tote models, but also men get a wonderful range of superb quality briefcases and messenger bags. This brand undoubtedly is one of the best handbags designers today.

Right now Stuart Vevers (previous designers were Narcisso Rodriguez and Jose Selfa) is the lead designer for the brand.

Unfortunately replica Loewe purses are sold in market, so before purchasing a purse or hobo, check out if this is another replica handbag or fake Loewe purse.

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Original and authentic purses from this fashion brand are fabulous accessories, for example, the Calle Ostrich bag in its sleek shape and bright shades is one of the top handbags. The brand's purses, hobos and totes can be purchased via internet, including Amazona bag. These purses there is also a chance to buy discounted handbags, including Calle bag, Fiesta or Kite purse.

These purses, shoulder bags, hobos and totes, as well as other handbags by this designer are one of the top luxury accessories. The price range for these designer bags is not cheap, however when on bag sale some items have reduced price so you might get chance to purchase discounted designer bag for less money. These purses have a distinct chic and if you have opportunity to buy any shoulder bag on bag sale, take it.