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Marni is another Italian luxury fashion house specializing in bohemian (term introduced by the brand's founder and designer Castiglioni) women and men fashion, handbags, shoes eyewear, accessories and and also jewelry. And this brand's fashion has some particular decadence aesthetics to it - very interesting shapes, beautiful match of materials (fur and fabrics) and colors and bold prints yet retaining absolute elegance and chic - that is all about this fashion house. This fashion label is just developing its name, and it seems it will be very successful in fashion business as they have a distinct style and appeal. Product Catalog

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The company was founded in 1994 by Consuelo Castiglioni and she still is designing for the label. The company has been very brave in her collections, for example in 2007 when she launched the first collection for men, she offered leggings instead of trousers, which caused a fuzz in the fashion world. Her vintage inspired shapes and fabric prints have already become the trademarks of the this Italian fashion label. These brand's apparel and accessories are what you wear if you care about the style, it is not just different types of clothing it is an absolutely different philosophy. these clothes will only emphasize your inner style instead of hiding it. The brand is a truly Italian company - all of its wear lines, shoes and gorgeous Marni handbags are produced in Italy so when buying the brand's articles you get a genuine Italian design gem. Company's boutiques are found in the major cities around the globe. This beautiful glam design brand from Italy has well deserved place in the fashion world as the gorgeous totes and hobos from the new collection prove this once again. Great shapes of purses, beautiful colors and absolutely stunning decorations are what the new designer bag collection is about. Read more about Marni bags.

Marni bags

Marni purses have the same vintage aesthetics to their design - for example the Wave bag (available in gray, beige and black palette) is Marni handbag that represents the characteristic features of the brand. This season the white clutch is central feature in the online advert campaign. This beautiful clutch is very elegant and available to buy the brand's fashion products online, including handbags. Unfortunately, please be aware of the Marni replicas around the internet.

Shoulder bags and totes can be bought online with discount at lowered price, although none of the these purses are cheap handbags. Marni tote bags are available as well. Most handbags with two handles and shoulder strap are sold in blue, green and black. These pouches have inside pockets for phone and zipped compartment as well. Buy these handbag online and save money on the deal for the Wave bag. The brand's luxury aesthetics are transferred in their purse line as well. The trendyness of their messenger bag, hobo bag, clutch bag and other styles have the distinct bohemian chic to them. It is possible to buy these purses and handbags online and some of the handbag sale items feature also purses from this fashion label.

You can buy the brand's fashion articles online and also obtain the purses via internet. This season the brand has extended the bag collections and there are numerous totes, shoulder bags, balloon purses and even Marni shopping totes for every taste. Their virtual store has its all and in the all colors possible. A wonderful brand with wonderful handbags.