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Pierre Hardy bagPierre Hardy primarily is a shoe designer, however his latest handbag collections have received good reviews as well. He is a French designer and he has studied art and has had a passion for dancing.

For 4 years he had been working for Dior where he was designing shoe collections and has done the same for the prestigious French luxury fashion brand of Hermes and for the stylish Spanish Balenciaga brand. The experience he gathered is now demonstrated in the beautiful and sophisticated design shoes and handbags.

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Later Pierre Hardy started his own label for shoes and accessories and this has been a successful business for him. Today the brand can boost boutiques in the fashion capital of Paris and has also stores all around the world - Canada, Denmark, Korea, Azerbaijan, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, the United States of America and more countries that have the shops of this label selling shoes and handbags. New collections have received great reviews and the branded bags from this label are a must of you want to wear something different.

This designer has also received several awards for his work in the field of fashion, such as Designer of the year 2006 and other. This brand is continuing its success and the new collections, including the Pierre Hardy handbags prove that. This is an unusual and daring brand, however the choices offered are more than enough to please many tastes. Right now the label has mostly small clutch bags and large totes, and the small clutches will make wonderful supplement to the Pierre Hardy shoes.

You can buy Pierre Hardy bag online, as these gorgeous totes and purses are sold not only in boutiques only. Majority of these purses can be purchased via internet from trusted sites that sell the brand's handbags. However when purchasing the handbags you must be aware that there are also replica handbags and replica bags all over and some sites can boost original Pierre Hardy purse, when in fact they have only replica Pierre Hardy bag or fake accessory that is a designer replica or replica Hardy (such as Pierre Hardy replicas).

Latest collection of handbags from this label have beautiful tote bags and luxurious clutches and evening bags that will make fabulous accessories for the outfit. When there is men's hand bag it is the right time to buy a handbag from this brand at lowest price. These designer handbags are designer handbags from older collections that have considerable discounts and this label is no exception. Purse by this brand are truly fashion handbags and use the opportunity to get discounts on their sale. Get the latest information on Pierre Hardy handbag sale and buy discounted genuine handbag.