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Stella McCartney replica handbagAlthough it might seem that everything was given to Stella McCartney on a silver plate, it is not quite so. In fact her famous parents Paul and Linda McCartney wanted their children to lead a normal life and Stella, as well as other kids in the family attended regular school in Great Britain. McCartney handbags catalog

Stella's interests in fashion and design started to show at age of 12, when she designed a jacket for herself. Few years later she started working as an apprentice at her father's tailors workshop on Savile Row street. She also studied design at the famous Central Saint Martins College of Art and design and graduated in 1995 with a big show with top models of the time.

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Her first collections raised interest, however the fashion world was cautious about Stella and the fact whether her name was featuring magazines due to her father's fame or was it because of her talent. Even Karl Lagerfeld after Stella was announced in charge of Chloe's Creative Director post said some critical remarks about her. Stella McCartney has had many wonderfully collaborations (with H&M, Adidas and Gap), and she has the joint venture with the Gucci fashion house.

She is a vegetarian and vegan and her animal protection influence is felt in her designs - this designer uses no furs or leathers in her designs, her skincare line (CARE) is also made of organic ingredients and Stella McCartney has been advocating for green lifestyle. Although her handbags are not purely organic purses (such as organic totes), they are made of environmentally friendly materials. These fashion purses are beautiful, comfortable and stylish. Any of the totes, purses from these collections have the chic and appeal, not to mention the eco-friendliness. This trend is becoming increasingly popular and there are also many celebrities advocating friendly attitude towards nature. This might be the future also of the handbag market - functional, artificial handbags from most design houses.

Stella McCartney bags are gaining popularity with each season. She launched the handbags for the LeSportsac in 2008, they were been sold very well. This purse line had about 30 different styles and their price range was also rather affordable, from two hundred to five hundred dollars. And this bag line also has travel bag, luggage bag, purses that were made for mothers with little kids.

Stella McCartney collection bags, such as Falabella chain tote is fabulous accessory. Although some replica Stella McCartney handbags have been spotted, this brand is rather free of fake purses or copy handbags. Perfect fake leather, but definitely a gorgeous shape is for the slouch hobo bag that has chain decoration and many of these bags have this recognizable chic. Recycled hobo bags are produced, using recycled nylon with beautiful ribbon details. This purse creates is made as a flirtatious, feminine accessory. Metallic Patent hobo has the faux leather and beautiful golden details - it will look absolutely well with all most styles.

Most purses from this British talent have this unique urban appeal and they have been produced without using natural leather. Her chain Lantern Tote has shoulder chain and rough cool shape, as well as small purse with it and inside cell phone pocket.

Stella McCartney sale also has some discounted handbags from these gorgeous collections. Brand bag collections have different shapes and sizes, including shoulder purses, totes, hobos and various evening clutches.