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Replica TAG Watches – Replicas of Watches from One of the Most Innovative Companies

TAG Heuer is one of the brands to look for if you want a watch that is high-performance, uses the newest technology, and luxurious in design. With all those characteristics, no one should be surprised to see the price tag of a TAG Heuer watch

TAGHeuer - The Brand / Company

The TAG brand is owned by Edouard Heuer. The company was founded in 1860. The first shop opened in Switzerland in the same year. At present, TAG Heuer is one of the most reputed brands when it comes to timepieces. The London subsidiary was founded in 1879.

Edouard Heuer designed the first watch. It was a pocket watch and was patented in 1896. It has a crown winding mechanism and it is definitely the first in the watch making industry.

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In 1887, TAG introduced another invention. The oscillating pinion was introduced to the world. At present, the patented invention of TAG Heuer is used by other watch makers especially the ones from Switzerland. 

TAG also made some buzz in the following decade. For instance, the company invented a transfer process used for print watch dials. In addition, they introduced water resistant cases for pocket watches.
However, it took more years for TAG Heuer to release their dashboard chronograph. They were able to introduce their first ever dashboard chronograph, Time of Trip, only in 1911. The design is perfect for various cars and airplanes. At the start of the 21st century, TAG introduced the Monaco V4.

TAG Heuer Watches

The TAG Heuer watches are innovative, elegant and award winning. The TAG pocket watch collection won a silver medal in the Paris World Fair. TAG Heuer also has a sports watch collection. It started with the Micrograph, which is the first stopwatch from TAG. It was used in the Olympic Games in 1920, 1924 and 1928. TAG Heuer also became the official timekeeper in those Olympic Games. In addition, TAG Heuer was chosen by Ferrari to be the official timekeeper from 1971 to 1979, by Moscow Olympics in 1980, and by FIS World Cup and F1 Formula in 1990.

TAG Heuer Replica Watches

As one of the leading brands in the watch industry, TAG is definitely imitated oftentimes. Many manufacturers create replica TAG Heuer watches and sell them for a very low price. Many individuals love these TAG Heuer knockoffs especially that most manufacturers can make one that looks exactly like the authentic TAG watches.

A replica TAG Heuer Monaco watch is a good choice if you are just after the look and basic time needs. The replicas could look the same as the original ones. However, they may not have the special features of the authentic TAG Heuer watches such as water resistance. In addition, they may not have the fancy or luxurious materials used in expensive and authentic TAG watches. Nonetheless, they can be used as a regular watch.

TAG Heuer replica Formula One
TAG Heuer replica Formula One watch.

TAG Heuer watches are definitely some of the best these days. However, they are also the ones with the highest prices that not everyone could afford. Thus, a fake TAG Heuer watch could be the most affordable solution if you need a basic watch that looks exactly like the designer ones.

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