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Valentino (full name Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani) is an Italian fashion designer born in 1932. As for many other designers his interest in women fashion started in early childhood when he would work as an apprentice to designer Ernestina Salvadeo. Later after graduation from school he went to Paris to pursue his fashion career dream. Valentino Handbag Catalog

Valentino handbagFashion capital Paris appreciated the young talent and he worked for several big fashion houses improving his design skills. He worked for Jacques Fath, Balenciaga brand, Guy Laroche and then in year 1959 he returned to Rome and established his own glamorous fashion house. The brand is doing well and despite the economic recession there still is demand for beautiful feminine designer dresses, suits and designer handbags. This fashion label has maintained the high-end fashion house reputation and is among favored brands.

Valentino Replica Handbags

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The brand is known for feminine silhouettes and the red color (shade also known as Valentino rosso), also the Valentino bags are very feminine and romantic looking. His fashion house has been very successful despite once being on a verge of bankruptcy due to bad management. However this fashion business finally flourished and he had the most prominent names as his clientele starting from Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Tailor, to royalty such as Queen of Belgium and many more. These are not simply some celebrities but real style icons that have changed the fashion world. And the legendary outfits they carried were made up by paying attention to the smallest details from shoes, fabrics used for dresses to create the silhouettes to designer bags. And this Italian brand offers it all - gorgeous tote bags, chic clutch bags, even hobo bags for everyday occasions to ensure impeccable style. Read here more on discounted Valentino handbags.

This is the ultimate glam fashion - the beautiful dresses and outfits in fabulous fabrics have been the epitome of high fashion. The same goes for the accessories line - gorgeous handbags have feminine, floral shapes and decorations in leather. Beautiful embroideries and detailing's in floral shapes and absolute attention to deatils make purses from Valentino one of the top accessories. Most celebrities have the latest purses from this label with beautiful floral patterns and decorations, for example Angelina Jollie has been spotted carrying white leather shoulder bag from this beautiful fashion brand. Any of the tote bags produced by the brand will have feminine shapes and this tote bag will be very functional and easy to carry as well. If you are particularly looking for a designer tote, this is the brand you should not leave out when searching for this perfect designer purse.

Valentino replica shoes and bags are knockoffs that are only copy handbags of the famous original designer purses. Buying replica purse is risky. And even though Valentino replica handbags offer some resemblance, they are not the same materials or do not have the manufacturing quality. Genuine branded handbag sale and luxury bag sale happens at the end of season, when some of the the brand's purses and totes have discounts. Buying discounted designer purse or discounted clutch is a wonderful opportunity to obtain original designer accessories at a reduced price. Check out the designer handbag sale and learn about ways to get authentic discounted designer purses!